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GaLaPaGoS - Global Ledger Practices Guide for Study

GaLaPaGoS is a set of resources to document and understand the XBRL Global Ledger Framework. It includes:

  • The XBRL GL Working Group Outreach Webcasts, a recording of the monthly outreach calls hosted by the XBRL Global Ledger Working Group.
  • The XBRL GL Taxonomy Framework Browser, a consultation tool to use as a reference for information about the structure and the elements of XBRL GL.
  • The Annotated Instance Documents, the main source for consultation when you are considering how to create XBRL GL instances. Inline annotations provide guidance on each best practices document as a whole, as well as on the most significant elements used, their meanings and the different approaches to their use in the specific scenario.
  • The Source XML Files, the "real" instance documents in XML/XBRL format.

The annotated instance documents were created for educational purposes only and do not represent real company data; however, we gladly welcome constructive suggestions on improvement. We also seek your help in prioritizing the creation of new annotated instances. For more information or suggestions, please contact us or the XBRL GL Working Group.

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