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Annotated Instance Documents

This represents the typical modules of an ERP system.  XBRL GL can represent more than what is indicated here. Click on the entries in blue to discover sample instances already provided.  Please contact us with your requests for specific additional samples.

  • Open order report: detail/summary
  • Open purchase order report: detail/summary
  • Projected cash required on future orders
  • Expediting report
  • Inventory master
  • Inventory stock status
  • Inventory transactions
  • Customer master
  • Invoices
  • Payments/receipts/adjustments
  • Open receivables (detailed summary)
  • Sales/use tax due
  • VAT/GST/PST due
  • Bank listing
  • Check/Cheque reconciliation by account
  • "Loan" reports
  • Account to reporting mapping
  • Measurable to reporting mapping
Annotated Instance Documents
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