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XBRL GL Webcasts

These sessions are recordings of some of the monthly XBRL GL WG outreach sessions. The presentations have not gone through the quality processes of the WG's technical documents and may not reflect the opinions of the XBRL GL Working Group, the XBRL Standards Board, or XBRL International, Inc.

They are for educational purposes only. These are live, unedited recordings, so please be patient if some of them have sound problems at times or other similar issues.

  "XBRL's Global Ledger Framework: the Anchor of Internal Reporting" -  November 2011
  "Amazing Accounts" -  March 31, 2011
  "Implementing XBRL Global Ledger – Standardizing the Standardization Process" -  February 3, 2011
  "The Japan Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) J-SAAS Project and XBRL GL" -  January 27, 2010
  "The New XBRL GL Public Draft: Formal and Flexible Architecture and Japanese Labels" - December 10 2009
  "XBRL GL Profiles for Labels, Documentation, Presentation, Rules and Constraints - PLDPRC" - October 15, 2009
  "XBRL For Internal Audit" - May 28, 2009
  "XBRL GL: Qualitative Proof that XBRL GL does more than accounting" - January 29, 2009
 "Map Today! Examining Enumerations" - December 17, 2008
 "Map your systems to XBRL GL - Today!" - November 19, 2008
 "Understanding the UML Profile for XBRL Global Ledger RFI" - August 13 2008
  "XBRL and IFRS Convergence" - June 20 2008
  "We Get Questions" - April 29, 2008
  "Distinctives of XBRL GL" - February 14, 2008*
 "XBRL Global Ledger Framework Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)" - September 26, 2007
  "XBRL GL Business Use Case: Wholesale/Distribution" - July 25, 2007
  "Integrating Detailed Data with End Reporting: XBRL GL's SRCD Module" - June 28, 2007
  "XBRL's Global Ledger: "On the money" for financial services" - May 30, 2007
  "What is the Global Ledger good for? Uses of XBRL GL" - March 2007
 "Reviewing the XBRL GL Proposed Recommendation" - November 2006
 "XBRL's Measurables: Tracking Inventory, Fixed Assets and More" - September 2006
  "XBRL and SOA" - August 2006
  "Comprehensive Financial Data Modeling Demo" - July 20, 2006
  Project Nunavut - XBRL GL makes Enterprise Data "Google Simple" - June 21, 2006
  "XBRL GL to XBRL FR - the Power of Integration" - March 2006
  "XBRL GL in Action at HUD/FHA - Interoperability & Reusability" - January 2006
 "XBRL In Tax and Government" - December 2005

* Due to technical difficulties, the webcast is not available; however, we have provided the attached slides used during the presentation.
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